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I’m Jazmyne – Wife, Mother of four, and Author. I’m also a survivor of Postpartum Depression, which is what fueled me to start my blog. For a long time I let the thoughts, opinions and what I perceived to be “bad mothering” based on societal views, dictate my motherhood. My days were full of self doubt, second guessing and praying I would hear one person tell me I was doing a good job that day. But that’s the thing, no one needs to tell you you’re doing a great job, because you truly are!

Motherhood does not come with a hand book. No one just jumps into it and knows what to do. We are all just going through our day based on what we think is right. So how can anyone else tell you what’s right or wrong when they themselves have no idea?

Which is why I am so happy you found my site. The days of allowing social media, society or even close friends and family to dictate your motherhood are over! I aim to increase your confidence as a mother so you can own your motherhood and start being the mom you always wanted to be. 

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This is a subject that’s hard for most adults to speak about, so as a mother to have to talk with your children about racism and social injustice issues may seem like a battle you can’t win. If you’re like me then on one hand you feel it's stripping them of their innocence. Taking away from their childhood and the notion that all people are good. But within that[...]


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Hey Momma, There are a lot of things I could start out with, but first let me say, congratulations. Congratulations on taking the first step to take your body back and learn to enjoy sex. Making the decision to actually enjoy your life, all of it! Sex is a huge part of our lives as humans and thus learning to enjoy sex is naturally a huge part of enjoying life. And it[...]

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