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Sharing My Top 10 Baby Registry Must Haves

I do receive payment or compensation in anyway from companies or products listed here. The below is my own opinion based solely on my experiences as a mother. 

Look, as a mom of four, I’ve been there. Spending countless hours researching the baby must haves. Or looking up the latest baby gear in hopes of answering the age old question, “What do I need on my baby registry?” It can be a tedious and time consuming task that can ultimately leave you confused and second guessing yourself. Don’t fret though, I’ve been there, done that and now you don’t have to.

Unless of course you’d prefer to, in which case have at it. But first, before you go,  at least finish reading, I mean you’re already here, might as well.  So grab that third cup of decaf (Assuming you’re pregnant and not drinking caffeine, but no judgement from me if you are) and let’s get started.

What do I actually need on my baby registry. No fluff, just the necessities.

Aside from the most obvious items; crib, car seat, diaper bag, baby clothes and the like (check out how to choose a car seat) what else do you really need? Well, if you’re going off of the list most baby registries provide, probably not even half of it. Below is my list of absolute baby registry must haves that I have had on my very own registries.

What baby gear do I need on my baby registry?

Registry must haves, number 1: Two words: Rock and Play.

Let me explain to you why this will save your life.  As you will soon find out, babies like to be snuggled. They have spend the last 10 months in a super cramped space and are actual quite fond of it. For the first few months, your baby will want to continue to sleep like this and The Rock and Play does the trick every time. It keeps your baby snug while allowing them to sleep on their backs and still be close to you. What’s also great about the Rock and Play is that they are portable. Just pull it around the house with you, and most of them fold up nicely when not in use.

Baby registry must haves, number 2: Some sort of baby carrier.

No, you don’t have to be one of those tree hugging mommas who carriers their baby in a sling to benefit from these. As a fair warning, around 4 months old, your baby is going to flip the script on you. Your once independent, you can set me down for a few moments while you cook dinner baby, will now want every piece of attention you have to offer, and then some. Being able to hold baby while still having two hands will be life changing.

However you decided to make this happen,  be it a wrap, carrier, sling or something in between is completely up to you. Personally, I have tried quiet a few different types and have found depending on the activity I prefer different carriers. For most of my around the home and quick trips, like walking the dogs, I love my Baby K’tan. Its a wrap style carrier that doesn’t include all the complexity of an actual wrap. For grocery store runs or really anything involving getting in and out of the car I prefer the any of the Infantino baby carriers. These carriers are easy to throw on quickly with less worry proper positioning.

Baby registry must haves, number 3: Bath time baby.

With all the different types of infant tubes, it can be hard to choose. I fell in love with the AngelCare Baby Bath Support for several reasons. First, it is hypoallergenic and mold resistant. The small holes through its design allow for fast and easy drying. Secondly, unlike a lot of baby baths The AngelCare Baby Bath Support is truly just that, support.

Infants to age 5 months typically are unable to sit unassisted which is where this would come in handy. After they have mastered the art of sitting, all you really need is a kitchen sink (or tub) and some bubbles to have a clean happy baby.  Of course, if you want to purchase a tub that can grow with your child feel free. I did with my first and I loved it but I soon realized it was more of a want on my end than a need for baby.

Registry must haves, number 4: 

Bottles, bottles and bottles galore.

Having breastfed all four of my children I can honestly say I’ve done my fair share of bottle research. With the scare of “nipple confusion” I was extra diligent when choosing a bottle and with each kid it was an epic fail. Either they wouldn’t even put it in their mouth or if they did they chewed on the nipple momentarily before screaming for me to breastfeed them. That is, until I decided to keep it simple. Boon Nursh Bottles are amazing! They’re affordable (which after spending loads of money one “the best bottle for breastfed babies” or the newest and greatest bottle out was a relief). These bottles also help with spitting up (the pouch on the inside collapses as the baby drinks reducing the amount of air they intake), because for some reason my kiddos always spit up, like a lot. But most importably, for me anyway, they are literally available almost everywhere. This convenience alone saved me hundred of times. And I know plenty of moms who formula fed that also swear by these.

5th Baby Registry must haves: Plan on Breastfeeding? Then continue reading…

The My Brest Friend Original Nursing Posture Pillow was truly a life saver for me after my c-section with my first. Of course, you could just use a whole lot of pillows to help prop baby up.  Which is something I tried on numerous occasions, but it never really helped they way the My Breastfriend pillow did. I was able to strap the pillow around my waist and lay baby on top keeping both of my hand free. This is important because in the early stages of breastfeeding, it can take an infant anywhere from 20-30 minutes to empty one breast, so having your phone or a good book and both hands helps tremendously. I preferred the My Breastfriend over Boppy for breastfeeding because it offered more support. Boppy’s can be flimsy and often need extra pillows under and around them to keep baby in one position, which isn’t a concern with the My Breastfriend. In addition, the My Breastfriend has a pocket for you to put your book, phone or whatever else you may want.

6th Registry must haves: Chill Baby 

Remember that independent baby I spoke of earlier? One way to achieve that is by being sure to give your baby lots of opportunities alone. (By alone I only mean out of your arms) Boppy makes a great infant lounger that allows baby to sit slightly elevated (so he/she can see whats going on around them) without harming their developing neck and spine. These are great for when you may need to lay baby while you vacuum or wash dishes.

Number 7 registry must have: Nail clippers, thermometer and more

The health and well being of your baby are very important to you I am sure. So having a kit that has all the essentials to help you take care of babies needs is a definite plus. This Summer Infant Complete Nursery Care Kit is absolutely amazing. It has everything you need from the time you bring baby home up until they begin teething and even beyond. Packed with nail clippers and emery boards, a medicine syringe, brush, comb and even a teether this is what I would call the complete package. You really won’t appreciate having multiple emery boards until you’ve clipped your babies nails only for him to grab your nose and put a gash as deep as the ocean right across your face.

Must Have for your Registry Number 8: 

Diapers, Diapers and even more Diapers

I was a long time Huggies user. I loved their cute little designs that usually include some sort of Disney character and then I was introduced to Pampers. Yes, I know, must hospitals send you home with Pampers.  I just never really used them after that first pack was gone. No reason, other than I didn’t like the way they looked. So fast forward to baby number 4. I send my husband to the store for diapers (big mistake, I know). He comes home with Pampers. As reluctant as I was, being out of any other options really changed my tune and I have been using them ever since. I am now love.

So what’s the moral of this story? Honestly, diapers are just that diapers. I’ve used Luvs, Pampers, Huggies, Up and Up, Kirkwood, Parents Choice and even Honest Company.  They all have their flaws but they all do what they’re supposed to. Being a new mom, what I recommend is you register for a few different kinds of diapers, try them all out and figure out which ones you like best. Another idea is to throw a coed baby shower and require all male guest bring diapers. That’s what we did with our daughter and we didn’t buy diapers for the first six months. IT WAS AMAZING!

Look Alive for Baby Registry Must Have Number 9: Humidifier  

This one may not seem like a necessity but trust me it is. After having four kids, each one with their own share of skin issues. Let’s not forget the dreaded sleepless nights due to stuffy noses. So a humidifier became a necessity. I love the Crane Ultasonic Cool Mist became my favorite for its ease of use (no filter and easy assembly) and accessibility. Literally every store sells them. As I mentioned, humidifiers are great for when baby has a cold as it will help them breathe better at night. Also if your baby has dry skin it helps lessen the effects. As an added bonus they produce white noise. All babies love white noise.

The final, and what I would think to be the most important baby registry must have: Accessibility.

Its 2019 (well basically anyway), the days of going into a store to purchase a gift are disappearing fast. That, plus the fact that you are bound to have some out of state friends / family, means you’re going to need a baby registry everyone can access. Registering with Amazon or BabyList has multiple benefits.

  1. Both offer a few baby box (free items shipped to your home for baby, there are some requirements so make sure to do your research).
  2. Both offer pretty fast shipping (for those last minute gift getters) and best of all
  3. They both offer a pretty comprehensive list of the most popular / wanted baby items.

If you’re anything like me going to multiple stores to register doesn’t sound appealing. So doing it from the comfort of my own home is always a plus.

This pretty much sums up what I believe to be baby registry must haves. Do you have any other suggestions/items you think I missed? Let me know in the comments.


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