Preparing for a new baby


Four kids later and I still make mistakes, but I’m finally okay with that. See how after 7 years I was able to change my perspective and start owning my motherhood. 


Married 10 years, I didn’t find my happily ever after until I stopped living in a fairy tale. Sharing my struggles, advice and everything I’ve learned along the way.

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I have learned so much from other mommas and just plain ol’ trail and error so I’m sharing it all here. Tips, tricks and everything in between.


Talking To Children About Racism And Social Injustice Issues

This is a subject that’s hard for most adults to speak about, so as a mother to have to talk with your children about racism...

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Five reasons why the future of game design starts with minecraft

Disclosure: This blog post was sponsored by iD Tech, but all opinions are my own. PIN IT Is your child interested in learning how to...

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Five Tips To Stop Fighting Your Toddler During Teeth Brushing

Hey Mama,  If you’re here I’m assuming your toddler is like mine and fighting you when it comes to brushing teeth?  If you’re like me...

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Learning to let goPIN ITPIN IT

Learning To Let Go

Hey Mama, Mothering is hard, but learning to let go is a whole other level. When you first become a mom, you want to protect...

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Recovery After C-Section

Five Tips For Recovery After C-Section

Hey Mama, The first few days and weeks after having a child can be some of the hardest, especially if you’ve had cesarean. Recovery after...

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Loving Your Postpartum BodyPIN ITPIN IT

Loving Your Postpartum Body

Hey Mama, Having a baby comes with a lot of joy, but as I am sure you know, it can also come with a lot...

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I am so happy to have you. I love to empower other women (mothers especially), by sharing my own experiences, to let go of other’s opinions and own their life & motherhood. CONFIDENTLY.

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