Five reasons why the future of game design starts with minecraft

Disclosure: This blog post was sponsored by iD Tech, but all opinions are my own. Is your child interested in learning how to design video games? Or if your child is anything like mine, getting him away from video games is a level 10 struggle. So why not use this to your advantage? With the future becoming more digital, games such as Mincecraft and Roblox are incr[...]


Five Tips To Stop Fighting Your Toddler During Teeth Brushing

Hey Mama,  If you’re here I’m assuming your toddler is like mine and fighting you when it comes to brushing teeth?  If you’re like me then the tip to start early either never got told to you or you completely forgot it because this is child number four, and you had other things going on. Either way, we’re both here and brushing our toddler’s teeth[...]

Bengto Lunch

Lunch With Bentgo Kids

Having four kids is no joke. Especially when it comes to feeding them. Like, seriously I am not laughing. Some days go smoother than others and with me tossing around with packing their lunches for the past few weeks I decided I'd give it a test run. Again, just for the record. I am no expert when it comes to feeding tiny humans. Shoot, I can barely remember to[...]

Preparing for a new baby

How to prepare your first born for a new baby

As a mother, we are concerned for our children and their feelings.  So it is only natural that you are wondering how to prepare your first born for a new baby. Will they feel left out when the new baby comes? Will they feel unloved with all the attention a new baby will need? While most of these are our own worries and not something your firstborn will even con[...]

delegating as a mom

Learning to delegate as a mom

As a first time mom learning to delegate may not even be something you've thought about. With the newness of caring for a tiny human, wanting to make sure everything is done correctly is only natural. But learning to delegate small task can help relieve not only your stresses but those around you too! So, why is it so hard for moms to delegate tasks? For starters,[...]

Raising a daughter

Raising My Daughter

Hey Mama, Raising my daughter, as weird as it sounds, has been a real challenge for me. When I first got pregnant I wanted a daughter so bad. I dreamed of dressing her in little tutus and matching mommy and me outfits. We were going to be best friends and get along amazingly. Everything was going to be perfect. Fast forward to today and my relationship with my five y[...]

Tips for holidays with kids

Getting Through The Holidays With Young Children

Hey Mama, The holidays usually go one of two ways in my house, really well with a few meltdowns from the children, and myself if I'm being honest. Or they can go the complete opposite. Getting through the holidays with young children can be a struggle, don't fret momma we've all been there. So today I am sharing a few tips me and my husband have learned over the ye[...]