Being the Mom you want to be

Finding Your Motherhood; Being The Mother You Want To Be

Becoming a mom isn't easy. There's this learning curve that no one can quite prepare you for. Learning your baby's coos and cries, learning how to soothe them and when to sign versus rock takes time, sometimes more than we'd like to admit. Even within that, no one really talks about learning to be a mother. The mother, so to speak. And I mean The Mother you wan[...]

C-section advice

What I Wish I Knew Before My Scheduled Cesarean

The words cesarean section (c-section for short) can be quite scary. Even for a veteran mom like myself who has had two emergency and one scheduled cesarean. Even after having two emergency cesareans going into my scheduled cesarean I felt completely unprepared. This was a new ball park for me and I had no idea what to expect. Well, as you can see, I came, I went, I[...]

Preparing for a new baby

How to prepare your first born for a new baby

As a mother, we are concerned for our children and their feelings.  So it is only natural that you are wondering how to prepare your first born for a new baby. Will they feel left out when the new baby comes? Will they feel unloved with all the attention a new baby will need? While most of these are our own worries and not something your firstborn will even con[...]

delegating as a mom

Learning to delegate as a mom

As a first time mom learning to delegate may not even be something you've thought about. With the newness of caring for a tiny human, wanting to make sure everything is done correctly is only natural. But learning to delegate small task can help relieve not only your stresses but those around you too! So, why is it so hard for moms to delegate tasks? For starters,[...]

decade challenge

What I’d tell my 20 year old self

I've been seeing this #10yearchallenge going around for some time now on Facebook and Instagram. So with the recent passing of my birthday it got me to thinking. What would I tell my twenty year old self? For starters, I'd tell her she's worth it. There's going to be a man who loves her wholeheartedly. He's going to love her for everything she is and everything she w[...]

Traveling with breastmilk

Traveling With Breastmilk

Traveling without your little one soon? Dont fret, I am here to help. I recently flew from Los Angeles, Ca to New York City. Knowing in advance I would be away from my baby for 4 days, I did a lot of research on traveling with breastmilk / my breast pump. I didn't really find anything that answered all of my questions, which is what has landed me here. Hopefully I can[...]

learning to love yourself

Give Yourself Grace

Hey Momma, With it being Maternal Mental Health Week I wanted to take a moment to talk about grace. Giving yourself grace and what that looks like. As women we tend to put WAY too much pressure on ourselves. The pressures from society to be this iconic image compounded with our own insecurities and doubts often lands us in a whirlwind of frustration.  As a new mom[...]

anxiety breastfeeding in public

I Still Get Anxiety Breastfeeding In Public

Hey Mama, Having breastfed four children, you probably won't believe this. But I still get a little anxiety breastfeeding in public. That moment when I notice Koehn getting fussy while I'm strolling through the dollar bins at Target almost always makes me sweat. Especially now since he is older and hates being covered. But why do I even have to put a blanket over him[...]

Dealing with Postpartum Depression

Dealing with Postpartum Depression

Hey Mama, Let me be the first to say, postpartum depression is hard. Like really hard. And to make it even worse, it doesn't just hit you all at once. No, instead it creeps up on you. Robbing you of your joy little by little. One day at a time. Each day the thoughts get just a little bit louder, but not too loud. Not loud enough for you to actually notice what's goin[...]

My body four kids later

My Body Four Kids Later

Hey Mama, Having one child can do a number on you. Mentally, physically, and very much so, emotionally. So why in the world would I chose to have four??? I get compliments from strangers all the time. "Oh wow, you had four kids?"  And I'm always left thinking, that's because I have clothes on. If you could see my sagging breast, floppy arms and flattened basket[...]