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My Family’s Cross Country Move: Part 1

My husband had his dream job and with 7 years of property management experience, a certification to prove I knew what I was doing, and one of the best work environments anyone could ask for, one might say we had our shh together. So, why did we decide to literally pick up our entire family and move across county where we knew no one?Fear for starters.

 Fear that if I didn’t do it now I never would.

Leaving Indiana had always been a dream. Moving across country to California or New York was something I dreamt about since a very young age. I remember talking about moving to pursue a fashion career in middle school. In those days, I dreamed of modeling. After reaching the lovely height of 5’1, I knew that probably wasn’t a reality. And outside of the brief period where I wanted to be a doctor, (thank God for hospital volunteer programs) fashion has always been my first love.

Something that had been looming over my head for ages was my lack of happiness. Living just to survive got old, pretty quickly. I hated my job, definitely didn’t like Indianapolis and I just felt empty. Like my life had no meaning. So for my sanity and that of those around me, a move across county seemed like the only solution.

I’d have to say the final push wasn’t one I had any control over. June 30, 2015 at 6:34am I received a phone call that still plays in my mind today. My mother, at 56 years old, had passed in my little brother’s living room. My mother devoted her life to her children, and up until that point hadn’t ever really lived for herself. To see her pass before she had gotten the chance to live life for her, was devastating. And yet, I was able to draw strength from that same sorrow.

The strength I needed to do something no one in my immediate family had done before. Pack everything we owned and move across country.

After many “talks”,  I finally convinced my husband this cross country move was a good decision for all of us and in March of 2016 we bought our plane tickets. It was final, there’d be no turning back now. No way my “fiscally responsible” husband was going to forgo that $2,000.

And on July 7, 2016,  I woke up in a new city and state. I had been blessed with a chance to start over. The chance to rewrite my own destiny with those I loved the most. I was running after my dreams and “no” wasn’t in my vocabulary.

At 27 years old, I thought I had it all together. Had been through enough in life to prepare me for what lied ahead. Oh, but was I wrong. Getting to California wasn’t even half the battle. It was going to take everything in me bundled with God’s grace, mercy, protection and just about everything else you can think of, to see my dreams come to fruition.

Make sure you come back to hear how this momma used all the prayer she had in her mixed with some good old fashion determination to make it through some pretty trying times.



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