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We’re here…Now What? Moving My Family Across Country Part 2

If you haven’t already, make sure you head over to part 1 of this post, otherwise you may be slightly confused.

After months of preparation we were finally boarding the plane. My sister had taken us to the airport that morning at 4am (I recommend traveling as early  as possible when you have younger kiddos) . And after what seemed like the longest flight of my life, we arrived. Ready to start our new life. Okay, so no big deal right? Get our bags and head to our new home. Wrong, so horribly wrong. Let me back up a few days to fill you in.

As I mentioned in my previous post Desmond had his dream job, working for Microsoft. Being a IT nerd (love you bae) working for Microsoft was probably his one life goal. So naturally after I convinced him to move to California he wanted to transfer his job as well. Only makes sense right? I mean, who moves across states without some sort of income? My job, had also offered for me to work from home after the move. Which, fortunately I turned down. You’ll see why soon enough.

Going through the motions, letting his supervisor know. Putting in a request for a transfer, doing numerous phone interviews, you know, the basics. We finally received word he had been accepted to the new position. Of course he would have to do an in person interview once we arrived, but that was only a formality. *Insert Happy Dance* Now let’s fast forward to the day before its time to leave.

July 6, 2016, Desmond’s last day at the Indianapolis location, he comes home from work with some devastating news. His current boss didn’t really think Desmond was going to leave, so he never completed the transfer paperwork on his end. What do we do? Its hours before we are supposed to board the plane and now we won’t have any source of income. With three kids, this was probably the scariest moment of my life. But you know what, Ive never really been one for planning things anyway so why not, right? Plus, I told you my “fiscally responsible” husband was not about to just give up $2,000 on plane tickets, for no reason.

So here we are. It was 11:42 am pst as we wondered through LAX looking for baggage claim with our three kids and their three oversized carseats in tow. With no where to go and $1,000 to our name we did what most people would do in a city they’ve never been to before. We called an Uber and had it take us to the cheapest hotel we could find.

We had made it. Job or no job, we left everything and everyone we ever knew behind to start a new life of our own. How bad could it really be? Sure we were low on funds but when you’re striving towards your dreams things just kind of fall into place don’t they? Wait…this wasn’t one of this Hallmark movies?

Our love for each other, determination to pursue our dreams and just over all will to survive will be put to the ultimate test coming up.



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